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What a Difference Clean Patios Make!

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

As I'm BBQing on my back patio, I come to the realization that my patio looks like crap! It was the first time I noticed how unsightly the space connecting our kitchen to the backyard had become. Dirt had made its way into the corners and cracks with little grease stains highlighting the mess. The moment I realized that something had to be done was when I was grilling some burgers and dropped a spatula on the concrete. Bending done to pick up the spatula gave me a close up view to what I had previously been ignoring. Below shows a picture of the dirty slab.

After removing the firepit, BBQ and chairs, the brilliance of the mess was magnified. I was eager to get started. After firing up the old pressure washer and getting the surface cleaner ready, I quickly noticed a difference in appearance. The dirt and grime were removed showing the beauty of the slab. No more dirt in the nooks and crannies! After completion, I went from a slab I was a little ashamed of to one I was proud of. This process is well worth the price. Not only does the slab look better, it washes off mold and fungus. Below is a picture of the clean patio.

Every time I walk by my sliding glass door, I now stop and take a couple seconds to admire how clean it looks. Don't be afraid to look into getting your patio or driveway pressure washed. You will not be disappointed in the results.

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