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Pressure Washer on Stairs


Gutter Cleaning

Our gutter cleaning service includes removing debris from gutters, unclogging downspouts, and removing debris from property. It is important to ensure your gutters are clean and working properly to prevent damage to facia boards and foundation.

Drivway/Patio Cleaning

Our driveway/patio cleaning process involves removing all dirt and debris, then applying a degreaser to lift oils and other substances from the pours of the concrete. After degreaser is applied, we use a surface cleaner to pressure wash the driveway or patio. This process removes dirt, grim and light oils stains. Heavy oil stains and rust will require a more intensive process.


House washing processes will vary depending on the type of exterior surface. For all surfaces, we use a soft wash process at lower pressures. NEVER LET ANYONE USE HIGH PRESSURES ON YOUR HOME'S EXTERIOR!  For wood siding, we will use a heavy duty detergent to remove debris like cobwebs. For inorganic surfaces like stucco and vinyl, we often add sodium hypochlorite to remove organic growth. Our process is efficient, safe and effective. 


Rust and oil removal involves the same process initially as typical driveway cleanings. After the degreaser is applied and cleaned off, we use chemical which eats through most rust stains leaving your driveway looking new. 


The fence and deck staining process begins with cleaning the surface. This process varies depending on the condition of the wood. While some jobs require just pressure washing, many fences might need a wood cleaner to remove organics. Decks will often require sanding the entire surface if the previous stain is still present. After cleaning the surface, the wood must dry for at least 48 hours. When drying is complete, the fence can be stained. When staining, we use an airless sprayer.  Most stains we use require 2 coats. To make the stain adhere with an even coat, we back-brush the stain in after spraying.


Window cleaning is a service that we often provide with a house wash.

Having your driveway and siding pressure washed can not only increase your curb appeal, it can increase your property value. Contact Porter for a free estimate.

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