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Why Should I have My Gutters Cleaned?

Gutter cleaning may not be high on your list of priorities as you decide which projects to tackle this Spring. Rain gutters are often out of sight and out of mind. The only time people usually think about the their rain gutters is when they are overflowing with water.

So what is the issue with having rain gutters overflow with water every once in a while? When debris from the surrounding area clogs up your gutters, there is a significant increase in weight. This weight will continue to put strain on the entire rain gutter structure until it evaporates. The extra load created by this stagnant water can cause the gutters to collapse of the roof while damaging the facia boards and roof. The bill to fix this issue will easily be in the thousands of dollars.

Water around the foundation is not a good thing. If your gutters are spilling water in areas other than the downspouts, you could risk foundation trouble. If there is water present during a freeze, your foundation could crack. Also, water leaking into the crawl space or basement can produce mold.

Mosquitoes love clogged rain gutters. It does not take much water for mosquitoes to reproduce. If you happen to notice an increase in mosquitoes in your back yard, the culprit might be a clog in your gutters. Having your gutters cleaned regularly can dramatically reduce the numbers of mosquitoes around your house.

When Exterior Refresh cleans rain gutters, we also brighten the outside of the gutters using a cleaning solution and pressure washer. This process makes a big difference in the appearance of the gutters and is included in the price. The pictures below show a dirty gutter filled with water and debris. Imagine how many mosquitoes can reproduce in that stagnant water. The bottom picture is that same gutter after Exterior Refresh performed their gutter cleaning service.

If you are interested in a free estimate on gutter cleaning, give Porter a call at (208) 900 - 8534.

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